About Us

Our Mission

Recognising, developing and celebrating youth action towards environmental sustainability in resource-constrained settings to catalyse a ripple effect of more action

Our Vision

Young people in disadvantaged settings bravely leading in taking action towards environmental sustainability despite their personal circumstances while inspiring others to act

Our Values

Courage | Service | Collaboration

What We Do

Sustainable Innovation Training & Advocacy


We train young professionals and students from all backgrounds interested in environmental action to use social innovation principles to start developing solutions for the environmental challenges that they wish to tackle. We also feature remarkable change-makers and their innovations through the workshops or other engagement platforms. Check out who we have featured here.

Ethical Sustainability Leadership Personal & Professional Development


We run a series of personal and professional development workshops targeting young professionals and students interested in or working in all facets of environmental sustainability. Our aim is to prepare them to ethically face the challenges – such as corruption and eco anxiety – faced in environmental change-making pursuits. Some of our programme participants are featured here.

Environmental Change-Makers Storytelling


We tell stories about inspiring environmental change-makers, who operate in challenging contexts, to celebrate their efforts. We hope this will encourage others to act within their own challenging contexts, therefore, creating a ripple effect of actions towards environmental sustainability in disadvantaged settings. You can read our latest features here.

Reach Out

Contact us through our social media profiles to support our work

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