Wrixon Mpanang’ombe

Founder, Partnerships and Engagement Leader

Wrixon is a young Malawian man who is committed to making a difference in his country. In 2016, He worked on a research project for Eawag at Limbe market in Blantyre. Wrixon interacted with several market vendors during the research, and noticed the lack of awareness about environmental and sustainability issues among the vendors. He was surprised that none of the (interviewed) vendors had ever heard about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That aroused his curiosity and he began randomly asking people if they knew of the SDGs. Their responses were startling: only people working in the sustainable development sector knew about the SDGs. He decided to start Our Fresh Futurez as a platform to advocate for sustainability and the SDGs. Wrixon is a graduate of the University of Malawi.



Constance Chifuniro Utsale

Co-Founder, Finance and Administration Leader

Constance Chifuniro Utsale is an environmental analyst at Central East African Railways Company which transports passengers and cargo using the railway network in Malawi. She is specialised in ensuring that the programmes such as air and water quality management, noise and vibration monitoring, rehabilitation of degraded areas, waste management, environmental education among others are performed and measured to comply with applicable and up to date national and international standards for the required conservation of the environment and its population. She has a keen interest in the battle against climate change as this is a significant factor leading to the undesirable environmental conditions currently taking place in Malawi leading to the extreme poverty levels and other negative aspects which can be resolved only if all stakeholders are actively involved to achieve the common goals for a sustainable environment. She loves travelling, venturing into daring situations and spending time with friends and family. She obtained her BSc. in Environmental Science and Technology (Environmental Management) at the University of Malawi Polytechnic with a credit, a certificate in Microsoft Office from New Horizons Computer Learning Centre as well as a certificate in compost making from Crown Ministries in Malawi (compost is the way to go!).



Brian M-high Kalimbuka

Co-Founder, Projects and Innovation Leader

Commonly called Brian M-high Kalimbuka, Brian is a jack of all trades. He fits into the shoes of a community leader, a motivational speaker, an environmentalist and a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) advocate. His involvement with Society of Friends of Environment and Technology (SOFET) and in the course of his final year research project at The University of Malawi, Polytechnic College, enlighten him to the fact that the environment was deteriorating and without intervention life on earth will be unbearable in years to come. He then vowed to create an environmental awareness platform to advocate for sustainable use of resources in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. After deliberating with counterparts on the issue Our Fresh Futurez was born.


Memory Lucy Mtambo

Memory Lucy graduated from College of Medicine with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Honours Degree in June, 2017. She currently works as a Physiotherapist Intern at Kamuzu Central Hospital. In the past, she has volunteered for different hospitals in the country ensuring health care delivery for all. Memory is pleased to join Our Fresh Futurez to be part of an organisation that works towards a better life and future for other people. She wants to get exposure as well as learn and interact with different professionals in the group. Her job involves working with the under-privileged in the communities and Memory believes being part of Our Fresh Futurez will give her the opportunity to reach out to even more people. She hopes to reach out to as many people as she can, especially those that would never repay her back.



Lovemore Mzati Nkhalamba

Lovemore, also known as Mzati, is an energetic  young man with an  interest  in public and global health. He holds a degree in environmental sciences and technology with a focus in food science which he acquired in the year 2017. Lovemore developed an interest in public health and the health sector in general during his studies in food science while going through courses like food toxicology, food policies and legislation and human nutrition. He believe that every individual in the community has a right to access primary health care when in need of such and deserves access to knowledge of all health hazards that exist in his/her sphere and the preventive measures that must be taken against them. He was interested in Our fresh Futurez mainly because its vision of a better world is inline with what he hopes to see especially in the health sector. The passion of the various advocates and leaders would work as a propeller for the various projects he plans to design for this cause and he believes he could be of similar value to the team.



Precious Kanyenda

Precious Kanyenda is poly-skilled, multi-tasked, fast leaner with a tremendous result oriented leadership, team work and management skills with people of diverse social, economic, education and cultural backgrounds. He has a good flow of effective cooperation and communication abilities in internationally and local languages (English, Chichewa and Tumbuka). He has excellent organisational skills with demonstrated ability to execute projects on time and budget. Besides his good computer skills, Precious has the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. He has strong analytical and problem solving skills both qualitative and quantitative.

Watch out for more advocates to come!

We are looking for young, opinionated, creative, passionate, and talented individuals from all backgrounds who are optimistic and enthusiastic about ensuring a sustainable future. Those who are willing to become the voice of change, and lead in action to ensure that sustainability, in all its forms – environmental, social, economical – is achieved, everywhere! Those who want to see the Sustainable Development Goals successfully achieved in 2030, and will do whatever it takes to persuade and inspire others in making sure we attain the goals. Does that sound like you? Well, hit ‘Contact Us’ on the ‘Home’ page to express your wish to join. Otherwise check out this page regularly to meet our new advocates.