Meet SDG Advocate Constance Utsale

It’s #MeetYourOFFAdvocate Wednesday! And today we are excited to chat with Ms Constance Chifuniro Utsale. Let’s get to know her take on SDGs and the future! Hi Constance! Can you please tell us something about you — what you do, why and how are you involved with OFF? I am an environmentalist currently working for Central East African Railways who would also like to become an environmental and development specialist. I graduated from the University of Malawi Polytechnic with a degree in Environmental Science and Technology-Environment Management. I love jogging and going to… Read More

Meet SDG Advocate Brian Kalimbuka

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of #MeetYourOFFAdvocate! Today we have Mr M-high who is officially known as Brian Kalimbuka. Here’s how our chat went: Can you please tell us something about Brian, what do you do, why and how are you involved with OFF? Brian in brief is an environmental chemist with knowledge in quality, health, safety and evironmental management systems. A graduate of the Malawi Polytechnic who has a passion in ensuring a sustainable environment. I have always been a team player and it is through this that I… Read More

Meet SDG Advocate Lovemore Mzati Nkhalamba

It’s a Wednesday and you know what time it is – #MeetYourOFFAdvocate day! Today we meet Lovemore Nkhalamba also known as Mzati. Here’s how our little chat with him went: Who is Lovemore? Can you please tell us something about yourself, what you do and why you are involved with OFF? I think Lovemore is alot of things. Can’t say I’ve fully discovered myself completely yet but in a nutshell am an environmental scientist, a food scientist and an aspiring epidemiologist. I’m a creative (I write, I sing and I do a… Read More

Meet SDG Advocate Memory Lucy Mtambo

It’s time to meet the people behind Our Fresh Futurez (OFF)! Over the next few weeks, every Wednesday will be a “meet your OFF advocate” day, and we are excited to start off this act with Memory. Here we go! Hi Memory! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and your involvement with OFF? So, I am a Physiotherapist by profession. I graduated from College of Medicine in June 2017. I am interested in uplifting the lives of my fellow Malawians specially the youth. And Our Fresh… Read More

OFF Partners with the UN’s MY World 2030

Our Fresh Futurez is proud to announce its partnership with the MY World 2030 campaign by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign. As an official MY World partner, we are bringing the campaign to Malawi. The MY World Campaign aims to help develop a dialogue between decision makers and citizens so as to contribute a ‘people’s perspective’ on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Fresh Futurez will be collecting the MY World survey responses through our projects, starting with our flagship project called Chingini Cha SDGs (or… Read More


The 5th of June is the World Environmental Day. This year this day will be commemorated under the theme Beat Plastic Pollution, interesting right? . You don’t have to be a magician or a trending prophet to realise that plastics have overwhelmed our environment in the Malawi and world. Walking in our markets and cities, you are usually greeted by sights of plastic bags and bottles littered around. It’s not even surprising catching one in the act of throwing away a bottle of water anyhow like it’s normal, right? Plastic pollution really… Read More

Our Fresh Futurez represents Malawi in the 2018 UN Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development

The 2018 United Nations Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development took place from Wednesday 21 March to Friday 23 March at the World Conference Center – Bonn, near the UN Campus in Germany’s former capital city. Our very own Wrixon Mpanang’ombe attended this second edition of the annual event, representing Our Fresh Futurez and Malawi. Wrixon was one of the volunteers selected from around the world by Project Everyone (a UK based NGO) to participate in the World’s Largest Lesson – Bonn Activation. In this role, Wrixon developed a lesson as… Read More

Cholera is not as deadly as you think. Here’s why

Four have lost their lives in Malawi since the recent cholera outbreak started. With at least 150 cases registered, the Malawian outbreak is nowhere near the devastating scale in Lusaka, Zambia. So far, there has been more than 2,400 cases and 58 deaths recorded in one of the worst outbreaks the country has faced. Public gatherings have been banned and a night-time curfew has been imposed in Kanyama, the worst hit slum of the Zambian capital, all as measures to end the cholera outbreak. As you read this line you must be… Read More

We’re OFF to a sustainable world!

Have you ever imagined a world free from hunger; with very good healthcare access to everyone; with equality everywhere whether in education, employment, or wealth distribution; a world where there is sufficient clean water for everyone always; where our energy needs are met whether in cooking or lighting our homes, in our transport systems, or in our industries; with no environmental degradation and almost all the biodiversity restored; all the conflicts peacefully resolved; and without the threat of a rapidly changing climate? Well, that’s what we call a sustainable world! On Friday,… Read More