Why does Our Fresh Futurez exist?

Malawi – affectionately called ‘the warm heart of Africa’ – is one of the world’s poorest countries, despite being a peaceful, non-conflict country. Living here can be very daunting! Challenges faced – among others resulting from a lack of economic, environmental, and social sustainability – include massive power outages; depleting water resources; inadequate basic infrastructure like schools, health facilities and roads; increasing youth unemployment; land degradation leading to poor agricultural outputs and food insecurity; as well as deforestation due to heavy reliance on charcoal and firewood as energy sources.

We need every citizen to act towards solving these challenges in order to secure a sustainable future! The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to solve such challenges. The problem, however, is that most Malawians don’t really know the SDGs and thus not in a position to act on them. Even if they have heard of the SDGs, many citizens leave the responsibility of achieving the goals to the government and its development partners.

It’s time to shift to citizen action to make sustainability a reality – and achieve the SDGs. Every individual is unique in their own way, and can make a unique positive contribution to ensuring a better future. They only need a bit of motivation to act! This is what Our Fresh Futurez wants to facilitate.

Our Mission

To develop a network of vibrant young sustainability advocates who work to inspire, empower and mobilize local citizen action towards achieving the SDGs, sustainability and a sustainable future.

Our Vision

To be Malawi’s leading youth-led movement for action towards sustainable development, using novel approaches to empower ordinary citizens to take action in shaping a sustainable world beyond the SDGs.


Our Values

Dedication • AccountabilityPassion InnovationCollaboration

Our Affiliations and Partnerships

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