OFF Partners with the UN’s MY World 2030

Our Fresh Futurez is proud to announce its partnership with the MY World 2030 campaign by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign. As an official MY World partner, we are bringing the campaign to Malawi. The MY World Campaign aims to help develop a dialogue between decision makers and citizens so as to contribute a ‘people’s perspective’ on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our Fresh Futurez’s MY World Partnership will help ensure that voices of ordinary Malawians are taken into account in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Fresh Futurez will be collecting the MY World survey responses through our projects, starting with our flagship project called Chingini Cha SDGs (or ‘The Thing about SDGs’ in English). Launching this month (September 2018), Chingini Cha SDGs will involve a different approach to SDG advocacy – you’ll have to follow our forthcoming announcements to find out what the team has prepared!

The MY World 2030 campaign has been running since 2015 when the SDGs were adopted by our world leaders. Surprisingly, there were only 8 responses collected from Malawi at the time Our Fresh Futurez decided to partner with the global campaign. We hope that our partnership will help in ensuring that many Malawian voices are heard on the global stage, with regard to the global goals.

Make sure your voice is heard! Access and take part in the MY World survey by following this link:

Share the link above and let us ensure Malawian voices count towards achieving the SDGs!

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-17

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