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We seek to catalyse courageous youth action toward achieving environmental sustainability in resource-constrained settings. We do this by developing ethical environmental change-makers through our personal and professional development workshops; providing social innovation training to young professionals and students interested in environmental action; and telling stories about bold sustainability change-makers working with limited resources to inspire others to act.

Our Growing Impact


35+ Participated in our Ethical Sustainability Leadership personal and professional development workshops targeting young environmental change-makers from all disciplines and backgrounds


10 Trained in sustainable innovation & 2 prototypes being developed since 2019

10+ Change-makers featured who are innovating solutions for various environmental challenges


50+ Stories told about inspiring environmental change-makers to commend their efforts while motivating others to act on urgent environmental challenges using local knowledge, resources and expertise

Our Stories

Recent Features

  • Meet SDG Advocate Constance Utsale
    It’s #MeetYourOFFAdvocate Wednesday! And today we are excited to chat with Ms Constance Chifuniro Utsale. Let’s get to know her take on SDGs and the future! Hi Constance! Can you please tell us something about you — what you do, why and how are you involved with OFF? I am an environmentalist currently working for Central East African Railways who would also like to become an environmental and development specialist. I graduated from the University of Malawi Polytechnic with a degree in Environmental Science and Technology-Environment Management. I love jogging and going to… Read More
  • Meet SDG Advocate Brian Kalimbuka
    Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of #MeetYourOFFAdvocate! Today we have Mr M-high who is officially known as Brian Kalimbuka. Here’s how our chat went: Can you please tell us something about Brian, what do you do, why and how are you involved with OFF? Brian in brief is an environmental chemist with knowledge in quality, health, safety and evironmental management systems. A graduate of the Malawi Polytechnic who has a passion in ensuring a sustainable environment. I have always been a team player and it is through this that I… Read More
  • Meet SDG Advocate Lovemore Mzati Nkhalamba
    It’s a Wednesday and you know what time it is – #MeetYourOFFAdvocate day! Today we meet Lovemore Nkhalamba also known as Mzati. Here’s how our little chat with him went: Who is Lovemore? Can you please tell us something about yourself, what you do and why you are involved with OFF? I think Lovemore is alot of things. Can’t say I’ve fully discovered myself completely yet but in a nutshell am an environmental scientist, a food scientist and an aspiring epidemiologist. I’m a creative (I write, I sing and I do a… Read More

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